“I have had the pleasure of working with Sue Hamilton for over eight years (and going!).  She is an actor’s director; encourages actors to challenge themselves and find new discoveries within every beat of a scene.  She has great instincts and has an ability to communicate with actors that gets to the core of their character.  Not only is Sue a great director, but she is also a caring, inspiring and driven”

– John Villacorta, Vice President of Casting, ABC Entertainment Group


“It wasn’t until I met Sue Hamilton that I understood the phrase: An actor’s director. The way she communicates with actors helps them to connect with their characters on levels that actors may not have known were there. Every time I work with Sue Hamilton I feel more confident in my abilities as an actor and as a result I am more confident in the audition room. For the actor who has a desire to do the work and take their craft to the next level, Sue Hamilton will get you there. For the lazy actor…beware because it’s no fun when you get SUEd! She is passionate, funny and simply excellent at what she does.”

– Kelly Jenrette, Emmy Nominated Actress


“Sue Hamilton has not only directed me on numerous occasions but has been a mentor to me in many ways. She allows the actor the freedom of discovery but gives you the guidance you need in order to get there. She has challenged me as an actor in ways that no one else has and in turn has helped me not only become a better actor but a more successful one.”

– Ellen D. Williams


“Sue is committed to truth and integrity of character which grounds performances. She has a particular gift for seeing the actor’s choices and making them dove-tail with her vision as well as the text. I would jump at the chance to work under Ms Hamilton’s watchful, vigilant and supportive direction again.”

– Patrick Bristow


“Sue Hamilton is a consummate professional, a highly capable and inspiring director, and a kind and generous person. In fact, she is largely responsible for the most fulfilling experience I’ve had as an actor. Her attention to detail with respect to emotional truth is remarkable, fueled by her genuine love of the craft. From beginning to end, she lends all of herself to the creative process — a keen eye, an endless passion and an energizing sense of humour. She is one of the very few directors who can remain open to collaboration while solidly maintaining her leadership role. And most importantly, she is the kind of person that you could leave alone in your house without reservation.”

– Abraham Higginbotham, Multiple Emmy Award Winner


“Sue is a rare find. What attracted me to Sue was her bluntness and ability to break actors out of their comfort zone.  Most classes I have taken are vague and have me leaving like “this is what I spent my money on?  I could have done this at home!?”  Sue uses a simple style of direction and character development that has helped take my work to another level.  Every class I learn something new about myself, and she helps me prepare for auditions by teaching me how to go in for every role with a choice and objective.  Doing this takes my focus off myself and onto the person I’m reading with. Studying with Sue, I’m able to find the joy again in my work.  Sometimes I get down on myself from not booking or from trials and tribulations I face in life.  But I always look forward to class because Sue makes the environment fun and engaging in a way where I can fall in love with the work again. Aside from her ability as a director and teacher, she is a wonderful woman that I admire and respect very much.”

 – Paul Elia


“Sue Hamilton has changed my life for the better in ways that I can’t even yet articulate. As a director, she helped me find things in myself that I didn’t know were there and actually enabled me to access them. And this is only part of her talents. She continues to amaze me.”

– Cathy Ladman


“She took everything I had, picked it up and swung it around by its tail, over her head, and threw it back up on the stage. Every instinct she had was dead on. It reached the point, that I think if she’d told me to put my head in a bucket and jump off the stage, I’d have done it.”

 – Alison Arngrim